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The Faculty of Communication (ILEF), which was established as the School of Press and Broadcasting with the support of UNESCO and the Community of Journalism in 1965, is the first institution which offers a four-year undergraduate program in communication in Turkey. The School of Press and Broadcasting became the Faculty of Communication in 1992.

Scholars of Faculty of Communication are academics whose research has special importance in their fields. The number of instructors is 100. With nearly 1700 undergraduate students, ILEF annually has a hundred and fifty graduates.

The main objective of ILEF is to orient students in order to combine information with their very practical life. Qualified students who internalize the bond between theory, method and practice are at the heart of the education schedule. Radio Studio, Film Lab, Photography Lab, Advertisement Lab, students’ journal named Görünüm and Ankara University’s Radio (Radio ILEF) on FM 91.0 are at the students’ service. Moreover, two cinema halls, a computer laboratory and library are also at the students’ service.

Graduates of ILEF are qualified to become new personnel in journalism, public relations, advertisement, radio, television and cinema. In addition, the graduate program of faculty plays an important role in nurturing a young generation scholars for communication faculties all over the country.

Departments of ILEF The Faculty of Communication consists of three departments:

The choice of department, which is made at the time of the university entrance exam, can not be changed after registration. But it is possible for students to take elective courses from other departments in the same faculty. The ongoing academic schedule of the faculty is flexible so that students can focus on different interests.

Research Lab of ILEF

The laboratory aims to disseminate scientific advances on new media area and the cooperative research culture. Founded in 2017 under Ankara University Faculty of Communication; NETLab is open for contributions from various disciplines, universities and enterprises.

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