İLEF Journal is a refereed journal published in Turkish and English twice a year by the Faculty of Communication of Ankara University in both print and electronic media. İLEF Journal is open to all interdisciplinary academic works focused on communication studies.

Principles of Publishing

  1. İLEF Journal is a scientific, refereed journal published twice a year in May and November. Papers passing the evaluation of the Editor and/or the Editorial Board in terms of compliance with the principles of publication and the rules of submission of papers are published after the anonymous peer review process.
  2. The languages of publication of the Journal are Turkish and English.
  3. The works sent to the Journal must be previously unpublished or must not be at the stage of evaluation in the languages of publication of the Journal (Turkish and English). The Editorial Board decides whether the works published in rare languages are to be published or not. Such works are published in Turkish.
  4. If the work sent has already been presented at any conference, symposium or congress, the text must indicate the title, venue and date of the activity concerned. If the work has been previously published, index information of the publication concerned must be stated.
  5. The scientific articles published in the Journal may be re-published on condition that the source is indicated.
  6. The Editorial Board does not accept for publication its members’ scientific articles other than translation, short articles, letters to the editor and book review.
  7. Published works may be made use of on condition that the source is indicated.

Paper Submission Rules and Publication Process

  1. The papers sent for publication are examined firstly by the Editor in terms of purpose, subject, content and grammar rules. Those works approved in these aspects are sent, with the identity of their authors being concealed, to two referees recognized in their fields for their works and studies in order for the submitted works to be subjected to scientific evaluation. The identity of the authors is neither transmitted, nor disclosed to the referees in any way whatsoever. Reports of the referees are retained for a period of two years. In case one of the referee reports is positive, the other is negative, the paper in question may be sent to a third referee, or the Editorial Board may make its final decision on the basis of the reports. The authors take into consideration the criticisms, recommendations and correction requests of the referees and of the Editorial Board.
  2. The papers to be sent to the Journal must not exceed 8000 words including footnotes and bibliography.
  3. Abstracts averaging 150 words together with 5 key words must be attached in Turkish and English to the papers to be sent to the Journal.
  4. Papers must be supplemented with a brief biography and contact information of the author.
  5. The address: “ilefdergisi@ankara.edu.tr” may be used for all kinds of communications concerning submission of papers and the Journal.
  6. In-text citations and references of all papers to be published in İLEF Journal must follow the Harvard System of Referencing. Please see: http://www.library.dmu.ac.uk/Images/Selfstudy/Harvard.pdf.
  7. The headings used in the paper must be short and clear.
  8. The papers must be typed in Times New Roman, font size 12 and double spaced, in a file with doc or docx extension. Footnotes must be typed with font size 9 and be single spaced.
  9. Content notes, if any, of the papers must be numbered at the end of the page.
  10. The main title of the paper must be typed in bold capital letters. The subtitles must be bold, with the first letters of the words capitalized.
  11. Quotations exceeding 40 words must be typed as a block with one-centimeter indentation, with font size 11 and single space.
  12. Authors are responsible for the copyrights of the long excerpts from works published elsewhere and for the illustrations, tables, figures contained in the work.
  13. Sources of excerpted tables and figures must be written underneath such tables and figures.
  14. Author’s approval is obtained for the works that are ready for publication.
  15. One printed copy of the Journal is sent to each author.
  16. Those papers not conforming to the above rules are accepted for evaluation process after required corrections are made.

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