Play is learning about life while you are having fun. Thus, the Advertising Studio is designed as a playground where ILEF students can play advertising. The studio offers an area where the sector is simulated in the fields of advertising and grafics.
Advertising studio, which is open to all the students of ILEF, carries out its works through agencies which simulate a professional structure. These agencies are called Bordo, Evreka, Idea and Metafor. Ideas and materials for some introduction activities of Ankara University and all the activities of ILEF are produced here. The studio is based on the concept of organisation which is formed by the students participating in the work of the studio. Studio workers call themselves “karinca” and students who have recently started to participate in the work call themselves “yarimca”.


Apart from the assignments and practice of subjects , the Advertising Studio helps students prepare their own portfolios through workshops and competitions. Therefore, each student participating in the work of the studio will have entered dozens of competitions and have accumulated plenty of experience before they graduate. Advertising Studio is proud of its 15-year-past and its members, called “kanatli karinca,” who are prominent people in the sector.

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