Ilef Film Lab provides practical studies in the fields of short film, TV journalism, animation, visual effects and design.

For the studies within Film Lab, as a response to the continuing debates within Communication Faculties about whether “theoretical” or “practical” training should be prioritized and valued, a structure is formed which is based on an idea of “Theory of Practice” and focuses on new media. Thereby a bridge is established between “practice” and “theory”.

Elective courses of Short Film Productions Techniques I, Short Film Productions Techniques II, Interactive Documentary, Stop Motion and Visual Effects, TV Journalism in Practice take place inside Ilef Film Lab.

Inside Film Lab, which is located within Ahmet Taner Kışlalı Art House, there are five editing rooms, a green screen studio, a control room and a display area. For the projects accomplished by students, in each semester, approximately 900 procurements of material (Borrowing System) and also 7 editing units are provided and 11 film shooting sets (camera, tripod, lighting and sound equipment) are ready for use. Students can also consult their workshop teachers for the scripts they write outside the scope of the course.

You can watch from the youtube channel ( samples from student projects and follow the events from the Facebook and Twitter accounts. 


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