Ilef Photography Lab is a unit which welcomes students of Ilef who would like to improve their knowledge and skills through theoretical and practical studies of  photography.

Dating back to 1965, to the Photography Unit, which was inaugurated with Günay Sarıoğlu’s endeavors and support by UNESCO, Photography Lab was established in 1987 with the help of Atila Cangır as the first lab of Ilef.

Inside the lab there is a photography studio, a dark room, a computer studio and printed resources on photography.

The undergraduate courses of The Department of Photography and Graphics, such as Basic Photography, Practical Photography I, Practical Photography II, Visual Culture and Photography and Literature and the graduate course, The Relationship Between Cinema and Photography are carried out in cooperation with the lab.

Photography Lab provides support for students who are interested in photography and have selected the practical courses but do not have enough equipment. The Lab lends cameras so that the students who do not have a camera will not fall behind regarding the practical courses and the experience of taking photographs.This possibility is open to all students of Ilef.

Besides that, students can use the computer laboratory of Photography Lab for organizing and processing the photographs they take.

The computers, containing special software for processing and storing photographs and MAC OSx operating system, are open to students for any kind of photographic use, also outside the course hours.

In the galleries on our website, there are projects made within the Lab, works from the masters of photography, and lecture notes about basic photography.

By electing the practical courses or by becoming a part-time assistant-student you can be a part of Photography Office, or you can come to the office just to be involved in photography, to learn the things you are curious about and have a look at the albums in our workshop. Remember, the path to the Film Lab goes through the Photography Lab; we recommend that students who are interested in documentary or short film take the courses of photography!


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