Radio Studio is a unit in the department of Radio, Television and Cinema, in which students  practice on the radio; and Esin Öngören Broadcasting Studios, where Ankara University Radio (Radio ILEF)  broadcasts, are located, as well.

Ankara University Radio first started operating as a closed cycle on May 8 1982. On November 22, 1994, during the 30th anniversary celebration of the Faculty of Communication, Radio Radio, located on FM 97.5, started piloting broadcast. Despite living up the expectations for education at the Faculty of Communication, Radio Radio was suspended due to legal and technical constraits.

The adventure of Radio Radio continued with the change of frequency to FM 105.8 in January, 1998. The radio had 3 news bulletins,  a chat show and a music program in a 13-hour broadcast day. The radio, on which non-Turkish music was more frequent,  soon took place among the favourite radio stations of university students  and the people of Ankara . Having finally resolved the problems of regular broadcast, Radio Radio restarted broadcast on FM 91.0 as Radyo ILEF on February 17, 2005.

Ankara University Radio, Radio ILEF continues to broadcast regularly as the only university radio that RTUK has assigned a frequency Our radio, terrestial  in Ankara and online in approximately 90 countries, broadcasts from the Radio Studio in the Faculty of Communication and greets a new audience with its broad repertoire everyday.


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