The Department of Journalism is an extremely powerful and important option for young people who aim to work as journalists in the most important contemporary mediums of radio, television, and newspaper, as well as new media.

Our prospective students are quite fortunate in several respects:

  • First of all, within the undergraduate course schedule, there are courses which will provide all the contemporary general culture in his/her country and world.
  • Secondly, in addition to these theoretical courses, there are a significant number of  professional/occupational courses geared towards journalistic practice.
  • Thirdly, most of the courses within the schedule focusing on different branches of journalism, such as Parliamentary Corresponce, Educational-Cultural Correspondence and Economy Correspondence, are given by journalists who have a reputation in today’s press industry and are the most important figures in Turkish journalism.
  • Fourthly, our graduates are provided with a comprehensive grasp which will allow them to create quality journalism in the media and communications sector, as well as to maintain a critical distance towards some of the problematic dynamics of the sector.
  • Our staff is an extremely dynamic and young squad who have contributed the most fundamental books and research to  communications and media studies in Turkey.
  • And of course, because Ankara is the center of domestic politics, this allows the students to make a serious first step in their profession through internship in important press organizations.

In addition to the theoretical courses which contribute to an understanding of the contemporary historical social context, our practical courses start right from the second year. In our eight-semester program there are only a few compulsory courses and the weight is on the side of elective courses. In this way, an opportunity is provided to our students for improving themselves according to the journalistic areas in which they want to specialize..  Additionally, they can also take elective courses from other departments of our Faculty.

The works created within the undergraduate courses of the Journalism department are published in our journal, Görünüm. Both printed and published electronically, Görünüm allows people to follow the current agenda of our faculty, university, Ankara and Turkey through the news written and produced by students.

Our claim is to offer the younger generation an education in journalism in a dynamic study environment, with a critically oriented content, strong technical infrastructural possibilities and an elite staff. Testing the validity of this claim by selecting our department is up to you.

In this new period, we hope to see you among us on the way to becoming a journalist capable of showing the reality of this country.

Akademik Kadro


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