In today’s “age of communication”, public relations is perceived as the profession of the future. All around the world, employees/people are needed who have outstanding communication skills, can efficiently use communication technologies, can use critical thinking to analyze our era and create communication strategies accordingly. The Department of Public Relations and Advertising has been established with the aim of providing an educated workforce and doing research for developing the field of public relations.

The Department makes contributions to the fields of public relations, promotion, advertising and public opinion research by providing education in these fields, which are growing in importance within the developing communication environment. In the undergraduate program, the courses geared towards providing a foundation in social sciences are followed by the courses related to the field of communications. Students who have completed these courses, starting with the third year, may select courses according to their own interests, specializing in areas such as public relations planning and applications, organization theory, advertising design and applications or promotion of Turkey.

In order for the students to improve themselves in their field, there are radio, advertising, film and photography labs within the faculty. Through the projects executed in these labs, students gain experience geared towards the application of their profession and also get prepared for business life.

In addition to the four-year undergraduate education of the Department of Public Relations and Advertising, there are also graduate programs provided by the Divison of Public Relations and Education within Ankara University Graduate School of Social Sciences.

The link below provides access to a reading list recommended for the graduate applicants to the Division of Public Relations and Advertising

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