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The library of the Faculty of Communication in Ankara University is one of the most important professional libraries in social sciences and communication in Turkey. Books in the library are annually renewed through purchase and donations. In addition to the book catalog, there are also permanent magazines and national and international periodical collections.

New books are regularly catalogued and can be accessed through the following link: http://papirus.ankara.edu.tr/web/catalog/search.php

In order to facilitate the access of users to databases, computer and wireless connection are available in the library. Moreover, access to the online databases is through the following link: http://kutuphane.ankara.edu.tr/

Being an inseperable part of the education in İlef, the library continues working to meet readers’ demands by improving information services in line with comtemporary developments and to provide highest quality of services.

Library Collections

Books: 27.020 items
Periodicals: 34 periodicals (all international)
Thesises: 695 items

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BYYO ya da İLEF’in bölümlerinde (enstitüye göre anabilim dallarında) başladığı günden 2015 yılına kadar yapılan tüm tezlerin künyelerini ve özetlerini oluşturduğumuz "ilef'in Tezleri" sayfasında bulabilirsiniz.
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