The Registrar’s Office operates in two separate units:

  • Registrar’s Office of the Presidency (the ROP)
  • Registrar’s Office of the Faculty (the ROF)

Registrar’s Office of the Presidency

First, enrolments, deregistration and awarding of degree certificates, applications for double major and minor programmes, as well as for undergraduate transfer, are carried out by the Registrar’s Office of the Presidency. This unit also conducts related student affairs in the faculties through unit supervisors. Unit supervisors have a higher authority than Registrar’s Offices of the Faculties and perform all the work related to students’ education. The Unit Supervisor responsible for the Faculty of Communication in the ROP is Muhittin Erdoğan.

Registrar’s Office of the Faculty

The ROF provides service to enable students to get documents such as student certificates and transcripts without going to the ROP. This unit prepares course and exam schedules and ensures the healthy conduct of education.  Students can apply to the ROF for all applications including activity requests and scholarships.  They can also receive consultancy from this unit in relation to all matters about regulations, courses, examinations and education.

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